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Golden Age Financial, LLC in Plainview, Texas was founded by James A Gabel in January 2017. This agency was founded based on his strong legacy of providing customer service and a commitment to be there for the whole family for their whole life. The multi-line agency provides expertise in Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and safe money options for Retirement. Christina joined her father in January 2017, after working in non-profit industry for 15 years.

She moved to meet a need in the community by merging her non-profit experience and leaned on her dad's experience in insurance to serve those preparing for retirement and going onto Medicare. In 2019, Christina became the owner of Golden Age Financial. She continues to carry on her father's legacy. The agency has grown since its founding and has multiple agents and customer care team members that service their clients. The agency is also committed to providing education and has committed to provide 100 hours of free education to those through the panhandle of Texas.


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